Putting the drinks down for an entire month lets your body’s systems work the way they’re supposed to. This article will explore Sober October and how this hard reset of abstaining and wellness can change your life. To book Gabe for your next event or learn more about him, please visit gabehoward.com. May I recommend that you can consider attending an AA meeting or SMART Recovery as ways to support your recovery/sobriety.

  • The depression you experience during addiction and thereafter can take a hold on your life, making you feel like efforts to feel better are hopeless.
  • There is no doubt in my mind about that.
  • We, as addicts, hate to ask for help and love excuses.
  • We are obsessed with our own pain and shortcomings but rarely think of others.
  • Everyone faces difficult situations, ranging from getting a rough night’s sleep to dealing with a death in the family or an unexpected divorce.

I imagine my daughter finding me dead, drowned in my vomit, which is how a friend of mine’s alcoholic mother died. When weary of being positive and engaged, I indulge myself with a vengeance. I get a massage, a manicure, a stupidly expensive headband, a puppy, Botox.

You’ll know you’re in control

But once you ARE hooked, the first puff or drink of the day takes you right back to your dependency. But briefly, I want to touch on my own sober evolution to help motivate you and get you thinking about your own life. When I first stopped drinking I couldn’t fathom the thought of making it 10 years. In fact, at that time, I didn’t want to even think about it. All I wanted to do was make it 30 days without a drink. I figured if I could make it 30 days I would be able to prove the point that I had strong enough willpower to do it.

Getting to 30 days sober is largely a matter of willpower in the beginning. Trying to tack on a second addiction may be too much. Smoking made me feel like shit, and so did drinking. I wanted to quit both but in moments of tear-my-hair-out weakness, it overwhelmed me. There were sobriety sucks times I tried to quit and became so riddled with anxiety I didn’t make it past the first 36 hours. Here’s how to stay sober, and sane, when life sucks. The other people next to you at group therapy sessions and support group meetings all have experiences that can help you.

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You will have days when you don’t necessarily make the strongest choices to improve your well-being or strengthen your recovery. No matter what happened yesterday or even five minutes ago, you can choose to be patient with yourself, reassess, and pivot as needed. Anything you can do to improve your overall health and wellness will serve double duty and improve your ability to stay sober. Look, I’m not the first to point out that the status quo in addiction treatment is deeply flawed. You have a hard time relating to sad and uninspiring stories. No one can blame you for refusing to sit in depressing support group meetings for the rest of your life. It’s the best book on the topic I have ever read.

And it was like for a second the fog above my head just kind of separated. And https://ecosoberhouse.com/ I said, without any thought, I have to go to Florida, and I can’t come back.

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Then, she experienced her final wake up call after finding herself desperate and alone on her drug dealer’s lawn for the second morning in a row. Though that was Kass’s last time using heroin, her dark years of addiction were far from over. Step one says, We admitted we were powerless/screwed over our addiction, and that our lives had become unmanageable.

Young People Are Taking More Drugs Now Because Life Sucks – VICE

Young People Are Taking More Drugs Now Because Life Sucks.

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The act of getting drunk hasn’t changed much in the past 4,000 years. However, over the past 80+ years there have been many programs and systems devised and presented as new or groundbreaking. My concepts aren’t new and I’m not brilliant. I won’t even claim to be in the upper percentile of smart. All I have done is organized and restated complicated thoughts with uncomplicated words. As you read through the site you’ll discover that I’m NOT anti-alcohol, I am NOT anti-AA. I am NOT aniti-religion.

Sometimes, Sobriety Sucks

This is to help you devise YOUR OWN plan for what YOU want out of living sober—and how you’re going to do it. That’s why I present the concept of Marks Reward System in my book. I give examples of how to expand your creativity and how to see yourself as a sober person. Reward yourself and others, for the effort you put forth at living sober.

life just sucks when you get sober

Building resilience and training the voice inside your head to be less negative is a lifelong process. Hell, it takes time to get just sort of okay at it. Sobriety can’t vanquish all shameful memories from your brain, but it can teach you how to handle them. Negative emotions are part of the human experience, my friend. Whatever recovery path you take , the main thing is to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers and could use some help. That step alone will lighten the emotional load significantly.

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