Our white label crypto exchange ensures world-class performance by processing 100,000 transactions per second. In addition, the solution’s authors have added additional services to the most recent update, giving customers even more operational flexibility. crypto exchange software solutions As in the mining boom period, bitcoin exchanges are the pick-and-shovel of the new sector. Since 95 % of all cryptocurrency activity occurs on exchanges, crypto exchanges are vital for benefitting from the multibillion-dollar crypto industry.

This software has various features that help it to be the best cryptocurrency trading platform. Moreover, using this platform, you can exchange major digital assets and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, NEO, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, and digital currency. So, this Tradebox software can be provided with a full-featured spot trading platform.

Each customer goes through several roles during his life-time and use different products. Clients usually start with a simple trading account and then follow it with using stablecoins or making trading robots. There are many different USPs that you can offer your clients to differentiate yourself from your competitors, all of which are based on B2Broker products. Average distribution of sources of income and costs in the financial plan of a crypto exchange. Creating a marketing strategy will help you get a clear understanding of what products you should offer potential clients and how you will reach them.

Best White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

It is also less expensive as we mentioned before because the core can be used by many customers as a white label solution for trading operations and personal data management of platform users. White label cryptocurrency exchange software aspiring entrepreneurs can launch their own cryptocurrency exchange in a matter of time without any hassles. Velmie built an all-in-one solution, which harmoniously aggregated crypto exchange, payment platform, operating own digital assets and integration with external platforms.

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It provides a complete risk prevention system and enables delivery according to index prices, so as to protect the rights and interests of users and the safety of assets to the maximum. In the rapidly-evolving blockchain industry, where time-to-market is a crucial determiner of success, white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions have tremendous potential. As more and more players enter the space, it’ll only become more competitive, thus requiring businesses to capture their markets even faster. HashCash Consultants is a company based in California, offering a range of white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions. To acquire maximum scalability, this high-frequency trading platform comes with SegWit compatibility. Bity is your Swiss brokerage for buying, selling, trading and using your cryptocurrency to make online purchases.

Best White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

The process and cost are often handled by the white label crypto exchange developers. Aside from being able to trade and buy multiple types of cryptocurrencies, the platform also provides users with a variety of services and products. Also, its ActiveTrader platform allows experienced traders to perform various trades quickly. Before you can start a white label cryptocurrency exchange, you need to make sure that it is safe to operate. This can be done through the establishment of a business that compiles the necessary procedures. A white label software package for cryptocurrency exchanges is usually designed to provide a set of features that can be easily rebranded.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Turnkey

Developed by Openware, Open-Source Digital Assets Exchange or OpenDAX is a hybrid solution for full-fledged exchange platform development. Leveraging OpenDAX’s public and private libraries, cryptocurrency software development companies can build platforms for the issuance and trade of utility tokens, as well as securities. Acryptocurrency software development company has the uphill task of designing and building products for the burgeoning, open financial sector. Nevertheless, there’s a mushrooming of companies and services in this domain.

It offers a minimum deployment time and ready solution to help you get off the ground with your business as quickly as possible. You can start this way and after building a great audience base, you can then develop a better custom platform. Generally, purchasing the rights to use a white label crypto exchange is much more cost effective than building an exchange from scratch. According to our research, developing a crypto exchange from scratch may take more than 9 months with the cost to build not less than $300,000. Not even speaking about additional expenses related to cost to own, further solution adjustments and scaling.

Give them a personal account manager to offer exceptional support to your most valuable clients. He is fluent in programming and trading and wishes to have as low fees as possible because he is executing many trades and generating big volumes. Our product managers are deeply knowledgeable about our technical solutions and are there to assist our clients with any specific enquiries. Fiat payment systems, giving you the opportunity to offer additional bonuses or benefits to your clients. On ongoing monthly costs for development, extra office space and a technical support team.

The five names enlisted below aren’t arranged in any hierarchical order. In general, ‘White Label’ refers to a customizable product and/or service that is developed by one company and sold to another. In other words, the development company sells the rights of a white-label solution to its client company, either fully or partially. Apart from being time-saving, such solutions prove to be economical for businesses. Offering a user-friendly experience, Ibinex offers White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange solutions that would let buyers easily customize their own platform.

A market-ready solution for a white label P2P exchange

It also provides a variety of fee models, which are designed to help its users get the most out of their trading. They have a good selection of both cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as a variety of margin trading. The Kraken Pro is a professional-grade platform that offers the lowest fees in the industry. One of best choice for both beginner and professional traders when it comes to choosing a crypto exchange. It has a wide variety of supported cryptocurrencies and is also equipped with an advanced trading platform called Coinbase Pro.

  • One of the most critical factors that you should consider is the availability of liquidity and security.
  • The California-based company HashCash Consultants enables enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real time using Blockchain technology.
  • We offer tailored packages for companies that are just starting or expanding their US operations.
  • Blockchain transactions are irreversible with the added benefit of no chargebacks, recurring fees nor hidden charges.
  • It is unnecessary to fix errors or undergo various adjustments as the solutions are tested in a production environment.
  • HollaEx® is more than just a white-label exchange, it is an open-source crypto kit that connects your business to the blockchain world.

Developer must have knowledge of unit & integration testing, agile development process, and Jira. Minimum 2+ years of experience required with Node.js, and SQL/NoSQL databases . Rejolut RPF’s https://xcritical.com/ helps you identify problem areas in your concept and business model. We will identify your weaknesses so you can make an informed business decision about the best path for your product.

Enabling You Emulate the Success-stories With Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Due to the nature of the trade, cryptocurrencies are more volatile than fiat currency. This is because investors tend to focus on making money by making profits. If the market is expecting that fiat money will continue to be used, then cryptocurrencies will not be replaced.

It is choreographed to ensure we gather an in-depth understanding of your idea in the shortest time possible. HollaEx® is more than just a white-label exchange, it is an open-source crypto kit that connects your business to the blockchain world. Being modular and microservices-based, our platform can be preciously fine-tuned to address each company specific requirements. Although it’s an early player in the space, Bitstamp currently only supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies. Bisq is a mobile and desktop application that allows users to exchange their local currencies for Bitcoin.

Best White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

To set you off on a good start, we have provided a carefully-curated list of the best white-label cryptocurrency exchanges. We are a Blockchain company that helps all types of enterprises implement the latest technology. We use innovative strategies to increase productivity and accelerate growth so they can make a mark in the digital landscape. We offer a range of services including Blockchain solutions and solutions, Artificial Intelligence software development, and digital marketing services. We offer services that will fit the needs of your company, whether it’s a startup business or an established enterprise. You can securely buy and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other digital currency.

What is a white-label crypto exchange platform?

B2Trader uses hosting solutions that dynamically scale resources as the client base grows and supports the most demanding and highly loaded projects. Through powerful REST and WebSocket API you will be able to attract reliable market makers in order to create a strong liquidity pool on your exchange. Totally adjustable and feature-rich trading platform with different widgets, unlimited workspaces, white/night mode and many more. Homemade Antifraud system allows for tracking of vulnerabilities from your end-users’ actions. Benefit from our multi-level IB system and build a tree of rewards offering an unlimited level-based partners program that rewards more than just direct IBs with commission. Offer your partners dynamic rebates with an adjustable formula calculation.

Interested in a Turnkey Crypto exchange?

Offer trading services for a wide variety of securities and other digital assets due to integration with major exchanges and liquidity providers. The platform is currently used by various organizations such as finance, education, and military services. It was also very popular among new users who are looking to trade cryptocurrencies.it allows users to buy and sell various types of cryptocurrencies. You can currently purchase various types of coins and tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It also allows users to earn interest and participate in various activities. A cryptocurrency exchange is a type of business that allows people to perform various types of transactions.

SoluLab believes in analyzing every possibility and finding the best way to offer our clients world-class custom software. The ready-made exchange solution offers security and is cost-effective to start with. After assessing the benefits offered by white label crypto exchanges, you need to determine if it is the best move for your business. The most apparent benefit of a white label crypto exchange would be that it helps businesses bypass the rigors of building their own cryptocurrency exchange. While that is true, businesses stand to benefit in other, numerous ways. Our platform is pre-integrated with a custody solution, that provides users with institutional-grade security for their cryptocurrency assets and keys.

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Decentralized exchanges are cryptocurrency exchanges that make trades on the blockchain by themselves. The huge difference between these kinds of exchanges and centralized or custodial exchanges is that you cannot exchange fiat for crypto. You must already be in the crypto ecosystem to use decentralized exchanges.

In addition, these solutions can be customized based on the requirements of the business. It takes a lot of time and high costs to develop cryptocurrency exchange solutions capable of supporting the trading operations with various tokenized assets from scratch. The most innovative way to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform with less development cost is to use the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software.

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